Wine Simplified

Navigate Wine with Confidence

Defeat wine anxiety. Wine Simplified offers common sense guidelines to understanding what you like and how to get it. Skip the memorization and build the confidence to conquer any wine list or store. Includes 90 minutes of video tastings and tutorials, dozens of interactive guided tours and infographics, and 240 audio pronunciation guides.

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“everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask”


“amusing and instructive”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“common sense guidelines to understanding what you like”


“Wine Simplified [will] make you enjoy wine”

Publishing Innovation Awards 2012

Best Non-Fiction App 2012

Wine Simplified was selected by Digital Book World as the "Best Non-Fiction App 2012."

Top Features

Read, Listen, Learn

Add a new language to your repertoire: the language of wine. Tap almost any name or key term for an instant definition and audio pronunciation.

How to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Forget memorizing every possible wine-dish combination in the world. Learn the basics of how wine interacts with food, and pick the "right" wine every time.

Read, Listen, Learn

Decode Wine Labels and Lists

Buying wine sometimes feels like a mess of grapes, obscure place names, and stuffy terminology. Move past that flowery marketing language and learn where to really look.

Video Tutorials and Tastings

Guided video tastings are designed for you to pick up your own wine and follow along at home, while helpful demonstrations teach you how to get great wine advice in restaurants and safely open sparkling wine bottles.

Decode Wine Labels and Lists

Use Science to Predict Style

If you can picture how tomatoes change in flavor as they ripen on the vine, then you can easily grasp the flavor shift found in wines from chilly Northern Italy to sunny California.

Get Insider Tips

Learn useful rules of thumb to cut through the clutter of wine options, from style clues on wine labels (hint: alcohol content!) to what we can guess about a wine based on its price and vintage alone.

Use Science to Predict Style

The Experts

  • Marnie Old

    Marnie Old

    Marnie is a sommelier and veteran wine educator based in Philadelphia. She has served as Director of Wine Studies at the French Culinary Institute in New York and is a wine columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. She has written two books, Wine Secrets and He Said Beer, She Said Wine.

  • Anthony Giglio

    Anthony Giglio

    Anthony is a sommelier and wine author who has written several books, including Food & Wine Magazine's Wine Guide for 2009, 2010, and 2011. He has also written several editions of the popular Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide.

User Reviews


5/5 Stars

Wine Simplified

Wow, what a refreshing book! Top notch design and content makes this an enjoyable and invigorating read. I wish all books were designed this way!


5/5 Stars

So easy to use and learn

I thought I knew wine until I downloaded and read through this book. The interactive video and text is so easy to navigate and learn. Thank you for creating this!


5/5 Stars

Great wine primer

I was impressed with the breadth and depth of information in this app. If you are new to the delights of wine, this is a great place to get started. If you know all about wine, there are still interesting facts that you can learn. I admit I learned some new and and interesting info about my latest passion — burgundy wines. Great app!


5/5 Stars

Great app!

This is my second betterbook and I love it - so easy to read and navigate. A great way to learn!

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