The New Sunset Western Garden

The Unparalleled Reference for Western Gardeners

Green thumbs go digital! Learn about landscaping, square food gardening, succulent plants & more. Includes 30 how-to videos, 100+ high-res photo slideshows, and extra features and content not found in print. You can even keep plant-specific gardening notes that auto syncs across devices.

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“an evolutionary extension of the wealth of information for gardeners”

Apartment Therapy

“the most important tool in the garden”


“No more having to rely solely on the nursery employee”

Gossip in the Garden

“stunning photos and slideshow features”

Good eReader

Top Features

Watch and Learn

Watch almost 30 videos to get the dirt on gardening techniques that help you create a hardier, healthier and more beautiful garden.

Picture This

Tap through more than 100 high-res photo slideshows to learn how different plants will work together in your garden.

Whatever the Weather

There are almost 30 interactive images, including 15 Climate Zone Maps with tappable poptips to help with zone ids and key charcteristics.

Dig In

Use more plant listings, regional gardening calendars, and even a special new section on the history of the book itself.

User Reviews and Ratings

Chunky Slayer

5/5 Stars

Terrific resource

The content is terrific, and I found it easy to use. We bought a planter box for our apartment and used this book to set it up, choose the plants, and figure out how to keep them alive. (We have a history of killing plants.) So far, it’s been great. The videos are really useful. Nice to have some human explanation of how to arrange things. Helps you see how succulents can really make for a beautiul art project in your home.


5/5 Stars

Great app

Very good reference for plants/gardens. Having it electronic allows you to view on iPad or even iPhone which is handy if you swing by a nursey unplanned.


5/5 Stars

The New Sunset Western Gardneing Book

OMG! How wonderful! Now I have all the gardening information at my fingertips. Couldn’t be happier. Photos are beautiful, loads of information.

Riviera Girl

5/5 Stars


I have become such the electronic book-aholic that it seems such a drag to have to buy the physical copy. I did buy a copy of this in paperback awhile ago but pick it up far less than I should so I was excited to see this and for such a great price; seems like a steal! I love the quick links and videos in the text.

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