Speakeasy Cocktails

Learn from the Modern Mixologists

Making the perfect cocktail requires the perfect mix of art, video, and old-fashioned storytelling. In Speakeasy Cocktails, two of the world's top bartenders reveal their best-kept secrets through video tutorials, instructional graphics, and hundreds of interactive recipes.

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“the best cocktail recipe book you can find”


“takes the fear and snobbery out of mixing a great cocktail”

Bon Appetit

“prepare for the cocktail hour that awaits [you] at home”

New York Times

“this app feels like a course in craft cocktailing because it is”

The Wall Street Journal
App Store Rewind 2011

Best iPad Apps of 2011

Speakeasy Cocktails was selected by Apple as one of the "Best iPad Apps of 2011."

Top Features


Learn the basics, like when to shake vs. stir, as well as expert tricks using eggs, fruit, swizzles, and fire.

Liquors & Mixers

Detailed history of your favorite spirits, and background on more than 100 liqueurs, bitters, mixers, and sweeteners.

speakeasy techniques

The Experts

  • Jim Meehan

    Jim Meehan

    Jim Meehan, a New York City-based bar operator, consultant, and author, is one of the most celebrated figures in the industry. In 2007, the year he founded PDT (Please Don't Tell) in Manhattan's East Village, he was recognized as a Rising Star mixologist by StarChefs.com. The ongoing success of the bar has earned Jim a second Rising Star award from Cheers magazine and a Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Award for "American Bartender of the Year" in 2009.

  • Joseph Schwartz

    Joseph Schwartz

    Joseph Schwartz began working as a barback at New York's pioneer craft cocktail establishment Milk & Honey in 2000. After being personally trained by owner Sasha Petraske, Joseph went on to bartend at and manage Milk & Honey. In 2005, he and Petraske opened Little Branch in the West Village, which was double the size of their last venue and included live music. Soon after, Joseph was named one of Food & Wine Magazine's top five bartenders in America.


201 interactive drink recipes, including 108 original cocktails from 58 of the world's top bartenders.


Shakers, strainers, spoons, and stemware: What the pros use and where they shop.

speakeasy techniques

User Reviews


5/5 Stars

Well produced

This is what books on the iPad should be. This is the realization of what was originally promised with books on tablets. Not just a print book copied into digital form. This is a very well produced book: intuitive to navigate, pleasing graphics & text, interactive content where it needs to be, and web linked content.


5/5 Stars


An informative and entertaining resource rivaling the best mixology books out there. The video demonstrations alone are worth the price of the app. Cheers!


5/5 Stars

Cocktails of the future

Simply brilliant! I was looking for a quick drink making resource for an upcoming dinner party, and I ended up with the coolest e-book I've ever seen. Very interactive, informative, and quite frankly, fun!


5/5 Stars

A worthy purchase

I am extremely pleased with the richness of content in this app/book, but just as impressive is the intuitive organization and ease of navigation. I love the side bars and bits of history and trivia. Even with all of the cocktail tutorials on the web, I feel this app is money well spent due to the expertise of the authors and contributors, the multimedia format and I expect will be ease of use in propping up the iPad in the bar or kitchen to learn and create.

Narial Taster

5/5 Stars

The definitive cocktail app

This beautifully designed, sleek app is a must have if you have even a passing interest in making cocktails. The information is exhaustive but easily accessible. This is the quality that all apps should aspire to and is a great example of how, in certain situations, an app is a much better fit than a book.

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