Master Your DSLR Camera

A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography

Stop using the Auto setting! Made exclusively for digital reading, this how-to book features interactive lessons and video tutorials by photojournalist and Pulitzer finalist Mary F. Calvert. Finally, camera anatomy and photography concepts are easy to understand.

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“fun and easy to follow”

USA Today

“brings DSLR camera lessons to life”

All Things D

“a cross between a reference book and a full-on photography course”


“teaches you everything the camera manual doesn't”

Fast Company

Top Features

Bring Home a Professional

Photojournalist Mary F. Calvert helps you take control of your powerful DSLR camera, teaching you how to manage movement and light and how to properly set up your shots.

In-Depth Video Tutorials

In beautiful HD, discover the gorgeous photos hidden in everyday situations, while also capturing the moments that could have easily passed you by.

Camera Guided Tour

The Experts

  • Mary F. Calvert

    Mary F. Calvert

    Mary is an award-winning humanitarian photojournalist and former staff photographer for The Washington Times, where she covered Congress, political campaigns, and the White House for 11 years. In 2007, she was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography for her work in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • David Becker

    David Becker

    David is a veteran technology journalist who has written camera reviews and covered digital imaging news for publications including Wired, Men's Journal, CNET, and Macworld. David's photos have appeared in gallery exhibits, major newspapers, and stock photo catalogs.

Cut Through the Jargon

Tap, swipe, and slide your way through concepts like aperture, shutter speed, focal length and ISO.

30 Slideshows and Guided Tours

Explore interactive guided tours of the camera inside and out and manipulate camera settings in the book to see the image transform right before your eyes.


25 Common Shooting Scenarios

Use our quick-reference cheat sheets to take photos of children, pets, architecture, sunsets, nature, sports, parties, and more.


Fix common problems like blurry images, uneven lighting, distortion, and discoloration.


User Reviews and Ratings

4.6 stars based on 200+ ratings


5/5 Stars

Fantastic! Made me love learning.

Not only was this app very informative and easy to learn with but I really enjoyed using it. If this is a view of what the future of learning holds then we're on the cusp of something amazing.


5/5 Stars

Really informative!

I never write reviews, but this app is amazing. It is like an interactive textbook. The execution is top-notch. I'm still a beginner when it comes to cameras, but now i have more confidence when working with my camera.


5/5 Stars

Perfect for new DSLR owners.

I've used a basic digital camera for years - this guide was exactly what I needed to comprehend the jargon and operational concepts associated with DSLR cameras. It resolved much of the apprehension I had from upgrading; I now feel confident & comfortable with my new Canon camera. This app is the best accessory I've purchased for my DSLR so far!


5/5 Stars


This is the best app I've ever purchased. I am someone who studies daily, even taken a few courses. This app fills in the blank spots that most teachings skip over. This isn't just for beginners; intermediates will benefit, as well! I love the side notes, slideshows and videos. Very happy.

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