Blackjack Domination

Learn Strategy, Count Cards, and Beat Vegas

Blackjack without this book would be financially irresponsible. Blackjack Domination is your complete guide to blackjack glory. It includes 25 video tutorials on strategy and card counting, more than 1,000 built-in flashcards, and a foreword by blackjack legend Jeff Ma—the MIT card counter who was inspiration for the main character in the book Bringing Down the House and the film “21.”

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“new tricks to beat a winnable game”


“plenty of passion within a knowledgeable and useful book”


Top Features

Master Blackjack Strategy

Learn what to do for every possible scenario in blackjack. Even nailing the basics down will help you win more. The book basically pays for itself.

Blackjack Swagger

Professional players don’t just play well. They know how to dress, how to walk, and how to talk. You can, too.

Learn Basic Strategy

The Experts

  • Jeff Ma

    Jeff Ma

    Jeff was an MIT card counter in the 1990s and inspiration for the main character in the book Bringing Down the House and the film “21.” He has founded three companies since his card counting days, PROTRADE, Citizen Sports, and TenXer, and wrote the book The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business, published in 2010.

  • Charlie Ruehr

    Charlie Ruehr

    Charlie has been playing professional blackjack since he was a junior in college at Northwestern University. He has never lost money on a card counting expedition, winning more than $100,000 playing blackjack and getting banned from more than 15 casinos along the way. After college, Charlie moved to New York to work in private equity.

  • Derek Sutta

    Derek Sutta

    Derek’s blackjack career started when he realized counting cards was far more lucrative than working as a management consultant. Derek and his teams have traveled all over the United States, playing blackjack with half million dollar bankrolls resulting in massive winnings. Between card counting trips he earned his M.B.A. from The Wharton School and is no longer welcome in 12 casinos.

Become a Card Counting Pro

Find out how card counting works. Math genius not necessary. You only need to add, subtract, and sometimes divide.

1,000 Built-In Flashcards

Ditch the index cards and use our flashcards to practice strategy and counting. Train whenever and wherever you have your iPad/iPhone.


25 Video Tutorials

Charlie and Derek walk the reader through the nuts and bolts of blackjack. Watch card counting in action!

  • Tips on Practicing Card Counting
  • How to Choose a Good Dealer
  • Deciding How Much to Bet
  • Learn to Evade Detection from the Casinos
  • How to Get Free Drinks, Food, and Hotel Rooms
HD Video Tutorials

User Reviews


5/5 Stars

Amazing book experience

I always wanted ebooks to have more features and now they do. Blackjack Domination is seamless, fun and easy to read, and a great learning experience!


5/5 Stars

very helpful and easy to use

This is an easy to use, interactive tool that is much more engaging that those other "regular" books. The flashcards and other interactive features have been very helpful and I don't have to carry around and shuffle any cards! Highly recommended!


5/5 Stars

Outstanding book!

Love this book and even after having it for only a few days, I'm already comfortable with the strategies. User interface is very slick and the interactive capability makes learning easier. Looking forward to applying this on my next trip to Vegas and hopefully coming out way on top.


5/5 Stars

Very Helpful

I was always intimidated and confused with what is proper blackjack strategy. This definitely made the game more approachable.

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