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About Inkling & Betterbook

Welcome to Inkling! In 2009, we set out to re-imagine digital books by creating intuitive, interactive and engaging books built for your tablet, phone and web browser.

We believe that we have built a better way to learn. We help doctors diagnose. We help businesses grow. We inspire students to learn. Our technology is now behind some of the world’s most compelling learning systems. And we’ve only just begun.

Betterbook was a division of Open Air Publishing, founded in May 2011 and based in New York City. Betterbook has produced original, how-to eBooks designed exclusively for iPad, iPhone and the web that allow readers to master new skills through touch, sight and sound, all guided by their extensive network of experts.

In 2013, Inkling acquired Betterbook’s high quality and comprehensive content in an effort to aggregate a wide variety of nonfiction content--from textbooks to professional references to consumer information like cookbooks and household references. See more Inkling books at

Inkling’s Story

Since day one, our founding team has had a vision for the future of learning. It was clear from the start that content was moving into the cloud. Mobile devices were providing instant access to knowledge from anywhere. And books were locking up the world’s most valuable knowledge between two covers. Clearly, the traditional book model was coming unbound.

As we designed for this new approach, we came to the notion of cards: a chunk of knowledge, rather than a page. We painstakingly built those first few Inkling titles by hand. Books served as the source material, but even the first Inkling titles were modular, structured and interactive. It was tough, but the result was just what we’d wanted.

We’ve learned a lot since then. Today, Inkling titles are built with Habitat, our industry-strength publishing platform. It allows us to build more content, more quickly. Many titles are built from scratch as natively-digital creations, rather than from paper books. And each Inkling title retains the clean presentation and interactivity of our original vision.

Of course, Inkling can publish ebooks that work beautifully on any device, but Inkling can also publish ebooks as thousands of little web pages. Those pages are indexed by search engines, and anyone can find that information with a simple Google search. We can even publish content to other software applications, making Inkling a platform, and not just a tool. We’re powering a growing list of the world’s most powerful learning systems, not just our own.

Inkling sets the standard for how learning content is built, and how it should feel. It’s exciting work. We’re improving the way humans communicate, one card at a time.